Facing The Danger Of Teen Alcoholism

The exclusive report on teenagers and binge drinking breaks the mold when it reports that the majority of teenagers today do participant in binge drinking. The article goes into great detail about the percentage of binge drinkers now, which is at an astonishing 64% of teenagers that are indeed binge drinkers (Washington Times 2007). The report of teenagers drinking more than five drinks ignites great concern because of the amounts of alcohol that is taken in all at once. According to Centers of Disease Control, about 15, 214 students information about their drinking habits was used from the survey to compile various data on the issue at hand (Washington Times 2007).

Alcohol Remains Teen Problem The article goes into detail about the alcohol consumption of teenagers in county in Florida called Citrus. The author, Eddy Ramirez gives a report on a survey which was taken about six years ago on local teens who were drinking and smoking. A few years later, after analyzing the results, it was found that there had been a decrease in alcohol consumption and smoking as well. About Teen Alcoholics 3 31% of high school students in Citrus County indicated that they participated in some kind of binge drinking (St. Petersburg Times 2007). Dealng With Addiction The article explains the many struggles that a teen alcohol addict may have. The article goes into depth about how to go about seeking professional help and treatments that are available for alcohol addiction. The signs of alcoholism are also indentifed, for an example, one of the may symptoms of alcoholism Is weight loss and mood swings. These signs are grouped in categories which are physical and psychological (Nemour’s Foundation 2007). Towards the end of the article, the last advise that is given is to stay focused and remain drug free. AMA Says Alcohol Industry Targets Teen Girls According to The American Medical Association, alcohol companies today are not only targeting towards teens but in particular, teen girls (About 2007). They’re claim is that more and more drinks now are sweet than bitter and geared towards girls in general. The technique of how companies display they’reproducts is all about flavour and color to attract the younger crowd. By seeing this, it automatically “seems” like a fun and hip thing to take part in.