A Helping Hand On How To Be A Single Mother

When you’re a single mother you find life gets harder each and every day especially with the times we’re living in now, money is tight. What do you do when your children are screaming for the hottest new video games or that new guitar their best friends parents just bought him for Christmas? How do you compete, when you can barely get by with the money you have for rent, groceries, and everyday household bills?

I come from a single parent home, my father walked out on us when I was 13, my brother was 4. I know it wasn’t always easy for my mom to get my brother and myself the “hottest” new things that were out there on the market, but she tried, in fact, she never once stopped trying. As each day went by I could see the toll it had taken on her body wise and mental wise she never went out she was always at work or at home sleeping from working all day, she barely dated and when she did she always found a reason as to why not to like the man.

A Helping Hand On How To Be A Single Mother

The first thing a single mother needs to know is, you can’t be afraid to ask for help, you cant be embarrassed you’re a single mother why be embarrassed more power to you lady! A Lot of women are afraid to ask for the help they need whether it be from the community or their family. you can’t do everything on your own, your not superwoman although some days I’m sure it seems that way. Friends and family are there to support you, they are there to help you and encourage you every day. Don’t push your friends and family away, without them who are you?

Secondly, I understand that you are most likely working as many hours a week as humanly possible or at least as many hours as your bosses can give, but keep in mind your children need you. Granted they need you to feed them and take care of them, but they also need to have fun with you so they know that even if you work a lot you are still able to have fun with them.

After all the long days you put in at work, and at home being both the mother and the father of your children you deserve some well needed “me” time. You could read a book, go to a park for a walk, go see a movie, or rent one and watch it while your kids are sleeping. You need to get back out into the social world, not right away, but eventually, you do.

A Helping Hand On How To Be A Single Mother

The most important tip I can offer is for you to keep in mind you are that child’s world, you are the only parent that child knows, you have the great responsibility of being a mother and a father. Which is going to have its hard times especially if you have a son, let me tell you being a single mother with a son is hard work, he will most likely get angry as he gets older, he has no male influence in his life and that is crucial to a teenage boy. At some point, he may hurt your feelings and say things he doesn’t really mean just remember he knows that you do everything you can for him and this too shall pass.

Being a single mother is something no one has ever asked for nor no one has ever imagined but it does happen, its hard, its stressful, it can be hurtful, but at the end of a long day at work your going home to see a child that needs your love and wants everything you have to offer. That right there is the most rewarding feeling and experience in the world. What can beat seeing your child smile and knowing you’re the reason that child is alive, healthy, and well. Last but not least this article was written for all single mothers who need a helping hand and who don’t have the strength to ask for help.