How to Write a Non-Fiction Book

Writing is something that is a natural thing. People who have become professional writers were writers by nature long before their careers began. A writer who has unlocked the magic is capable of anything although they may not realize it. Budding writers are those who have the gift yet know not what to do with it. Many have written shorter pieces such as columns or articles when they have really been yearning to create a book. It can be done! No need to yearn any longer because it’s time to get to work!

The first step in writing a book is to figure out what you want your book to be about. We’re dealing with nonfiction in this article. Choose a topic, any topic. The best books come from authors that are knowledgeable about their topic is chosen.

Once your topic is set you could play around with some titles. Jot down a few and then move on. The proper title for your book will come when your book is completed. It can be difficult to give a book a definite title before the book is written. On the other hand, you’ll want some titles, even one favorite, to refer to your book as. It gives it a name. It goes both ways so simply jot down a couple, pick a favorite and then know that the final title will come in due time.

The next thing that writing a book requires is an outline. What do you want in that book? How many chapters? Should topics be categorized? Each separate topic within your main topic generally gets a chapter. An outline is much like a sketch. A sketch of what your book will be.

Once your outline is done you’ll want to do your research. A nonfiction book must be accurate and factual. Do your research on the aspects of your topic that are uncertain to you and create a bibliography if necessary. A bibliography lists the title, page number, and author and each source of information you have used for researching.

Once the research is done and you know your words will ring true it’s time to take that outline and transform it into a book. One chapter at a time the outline gets “filled in”. Once you’re done with that your first draft is done.

Once the first draft of your book is done it’s time to edit. Check for spelling errors and grammar errors. Make sure everything is all corrected and makes sense. Then re-read one last time just to triple check.

What you’re left with at this point is a manuscript. It’s time to publish. Publishing is a whole different topic… it’ll be covered soon!