New Things On FACEBOOK

Facebook being top social connectivity app now taking on some more advantage by keeping introducing new features and integrating them everywhere. Previously, Facebook released support for GIF, new sticker comments, and lot plug-ins on mobile sharing and messenger. Few days back Facebook started rolling new features on the Facebook web application which are going to appear in the comments section and inbox areas. These functions may become helpful to many people who are facing certain limitations on Facebook and reaching other application for those tasks, now they can do such task here itself inside Facebook.

Inviting Friends

This wasn’t being a new feature, but Facebook reads your contacts on mobile application which is going to appear on the web application. Your contacts will display on the top right side areas by showing phone number asking you to invite them Facebook. It may be a good feature to invite your friends to your social profile, but most of the people Facebook reading their personal contacts and its a bit annoying.

New Things On FACEBOOK

Send GIF

Previously GIF support on the Facebook wall was rolled out but now it is in your chat box. You can send many kinds of GIFs from its collection, just by simply searching with keyword. Sending these GIF’s will be a fun task while chatting with your friends in personal messages or groups. These GIF will be from the different films and famous situations. Sending situational GIF to your friends in conversation gives you more extra fun to the situation.


New Things On FACEBOOK

This feature has become more handy than anything, previously to send files while talking to them on Facebook we need to login to our mail accounts and has to send it as an attachment via mail, But Facebook added another feature to send files to friends through chat box. It saves a lot of time and reduces the double task to switch between mail and Facebook.

Stickers in Comments

New Things On FACEBOOK

It was a dislike button we were expecting soon from the Facebook, but before that Facebook added inbox sticker type to comments box. Now you can use a bunch of stickers to add in the comments just like you send on the chat box, this feature gives access to huge no of the stickers base of Facebook. Now you can enjoy the commenting on your friends status with funny emotions.